Saturday, May 9, 2009

A. I watched videos and read the documents.

B. This web site is from Canada which is located just above the U.S. in North America. I know this because I traveled there when I was younger. I thought this piece was very interesting because it proved that increasing physical activity helps stimulates students minds, keeping them focused and on task. Through this the student did better in their other subjects. The PE teacher wasn’t involved because all of the activity being done took place in the class rooms, rather then in the gymnasium during PE. They went right from physical activity to learning class material, which they found had an increase in the student’s grades. Many of the students increase one reading level and many others became a lot more interested in the material they were learning. On top of all of the cognitive improvements, the students were also strengthening they bodies and becoming healthier then they were before. The out comes were related to the NYS PE standards because they emphasized creating a safe and healthy environment as well as engaged them in daily physical activity. At the same time it left out some of the standards in the fact that resource management and the affective domain were not addressed.


C. My Lesson Plan and Progression Sheet from Lab D

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