Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Teaching the Golf Putt

For my lab D I had the task of teaching a golf putting lesson. I felt the lesson went pretty smoothly with just a few hick-ups. I started off the lesson a little short on time so I had to skip my instant activity and mover right into the lesson. From there I explained the cues on how to putt and had the students break into groups on the separate putting greens. After reminding the students to peer assess one another and give good feedback, I told them to begin putting and started to give my own feedback. Throughout the lesson I kept the students active as much as possible, which you can see in my time coding form. Also, to motivate the students to be on their best behavior, I set up WII Golf and told the students that which ever group was behaving and performing the best could switch over to the WII Golf. I found this to be very effective. As the end of class came a little early for the lesson, I aloud any students that had to go to class leave, while the rest finished the lesson. After watching the video I noticed it was a little rushed, but it had a lot to do with the short amount of time I was left to teach. I noticed because of rushing I wasn't able to further change up the task by dropping in cones on the putting greens and having the students putt around them. With more time I would have been able to incorporate this. I was able to verbally change up the task for some by asking to keep score with their partner or for another student who had an injured arm, I had her use a hockey stick and tennis ball to make it a little easier. Altogether I felt to students learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

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