Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teaching Honor and Shuttleball

For lab today I had to teach an instant activity called Honor, which was a lot of fun. Also I taught the begging skills to the game Shuttleball. After teaching I listened to my recorded MP3 and wrote up a transcript. Listening to the MP3 and writing the transcript really helped me to see my pros and cons. I noticed that at some points I would talk to fast and almost stumble over my words, so I have to remember to slow down and pronounce my words more clearly. Also I noticed I would repeat some of the same word over and over again like "alright" and "now". Being able to listen to myself after teaching and making a transcript really helps to improve my teaching abilities.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Distance Frisbee Throw

In class I taught how to perform the distance Frisbee throw while I was being recorded. After listening to the MP3 and making a transcript, I thought things went pretty smoothly, but there were a few things I picked up on that I would either change or add. The first thing was that I forgot to establish a solid safety statement. Since there was a lot of people and Frisbee's flying around, safety was a big issue. Also i noticed that at one point I referred to the class as "guys", which I could have used something more appropriate like everyone or everybody. Listening to myself teach and making a transcript really helped me to understand my cons and improve my teaching skills.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Teaching the Volleyball Set part 2

After my second attempt to teach the volleyball set, I went over the video and broke it down on a time coding form. This form really helped with my time management. I now know that I have to keep in mind the amount of time I spend instructing in order to keep the students active for longer. Although the time I taught for was short, I still have to watch how much time I spend managing and instructing because even in a short lesson its important to allow at least 50% of the time for activity.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Importance of Feedback

Feedback really is one of the most important and fundamental aspect of teaching PE. The first step to giving effective feedback is knowing the types of feedback and even more important, knowing your students. By knowing your students, you can evaluate which feedback is going to be most effective for each individual. The first and most common type of feedback is positive feedback. This type of feedback focuses only on the correct things the student is doing. Then there's neutral feedback, which is more of going over what their doing and reminding them of any cues or key focuses being taught. Last there's negative feedback, which leaves out any positives and consists of pointing out and correcting what the student is doing wrong. Depending on your student, all of these types can be effective and even more effective when combined.
In my first lesson I noticed that I didn't give any feedback, general or individual. After watching myself teach I can easily see how giving feedback can greatly increase the effectiveness of the lesson and I now will be sure to incorporate feedback in all my lessons.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Teaching the Volleyball Set

In my short lesson I noticed many things that I can learn from. One of the first things that I noticed was my volume. In the video I could barely hear what I was saying, so I now know I have to remember to project what it is I'm saying, so that it can be heard on the other side of the gymnasium. Another thing I noticed myself doing was saying uh and umm in between thoughts, which looks and sounds very unprofessional. Last I would go further in depth with my demonstration and even ask someone to come up and demonstrate with me to help the students get a better look on the skill at hand.