Monday, May 11, 2009

Expanding the Cognitive to Motivate the Psycho Motor

Articles: Does Rewarding Children Backfire?
Physical Activity and Intrinsic Motivation
Self-determination theory

After reading these articles and learning how to make games using Power Point, Microsoft Word, and Excel, I realized how important improving our students knowledge of a game or skill is in relation to the motivation to be active. It is a growing trend that our youth is being coming more and more less active. In Physical Activity and Intrinsic Motivation it goes in to a study that found in many cases the reason students aren't being as active is because of the lack of motivation. They further found that this lack of motivation could be linked to students lacking the knowledge of the skill or game which acted as an inhibitor. I found these article to be connected to making my games because through using these cognitive games to elevate our students knowledge, in turn it will elevate their motivation to play the games they are learning about. Now that the students are competent in the rules and skills of the game, they are more likely be comfortable with the game, which will make them want to play the game and become more active.

The first two games I created were built using Microsoft Excel. One is a quick and easy question and answer game where excel tells you whether you have the answer correct or not and allows students to continue guessing until they get the right answer. The second game is basically Putting Bingo, where if you wanted to play you would down load the excel file and continue to hit shuffle followed by the print button to create as many different Bingo boards as you need for your class. After printing out the boards you would read off the questions to the students and if they find the answer on there board, they would put a chip over it as they follow the rules of bingo.
Excel Games
1st Game: Putting Q and A
2nd Game: Putting Bingo
-Putting Bingo Questions

The second two games I made were using Microsoft Word. One is a fun board game that you can print out and follow the simple instructions on the game on how to play. Before you start, make sure you print out or write down on index cards the questions and answers you would use to determine if you get to move you piece or not. The next game I made using word was a word scramble using key terms and cues related to putting. By following the key at the bottom of the page, students can decipher what the sequence of symbols really means.
Microsoft Word Games
1st Game: It's Time to Putt board game
-Board Game Questions
2nd Game: Putting Word Scramble

The Third two games I made were using Power Point. One is a cool question game where students must choose between four answers to get the question right and save the galaxy. The next game is a treasure hunt where students must correctly answer the question in order to receive and opportunity to guess where the treasure is on the grid. In order to play this game simply down load the power point file and change where the treasure is and begin asking your questions. This game works best if you split you students into groups to make it more competitive. You can use any questions, but there are putting questions that go along with it.
Power Point
1st Game: Learn to Putt to Save the Galaxy
2nd Game: May the Best Putter Find the Treasure
- Treasure Hunt Questions

During learning how and actually making these games I used the following sites:
PowerPoint Games

Microsoft Word Games

Microsoft Excel Games

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