Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day Two of Shuttleball

On day two of Shuttleball we had the students start right into a variation of the game honor, which was played in the previous class. Then we got right into the second level of Shuttleball, which consisted of using the skills learned from the first class and using them in a partner or group situation.
I felt the class went very smoothly, besides a few trouble makes toward the end that had to be dealt with, I felt the students were very active and had a lot of fun. The only thing I noticed I missed was to establish a solid safety statement before going into the game. Although, I did announce one while they first started playing and kept on reminding them throughout the activity. Another problem I saw was that I took my eyes off the whole class while I was helping a student and one student began to kick balls all over the gym. I firmly said that was not acceptable and told him to sit down and come back when he felt he was ready. Besides the a few mistakes I believe the lesson went very well.

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